Dearborn Mid-West Company

Automatic Guided Cart System

DMW’s Automatic Guided Cart (AGC) systems are effective, flexible, reliable, durable and precise in their ability to transport various sized loads throughout a customer’s facility. They are programmed to provide a consistent flow of product to and from designated areas and are designed to meet both production (e.g. high-volume build) and non-production (e.g. warehouse organization) requirements. The carts can be queued into a line, creating a variable length production conveyor that completely coordinates throughput and product mix, and their modularity allows for system sizing to meet application requirements from one cart systems to an unlimited number of carts, handling an entire warehouse transfer system.

The AGC is a safe, simple and cost-effective alternative to more complex conveyor solutions. Integrated sensing devices continuously monitor for unexpected interferences with instant communication of delayed performance. The AGC can be easily reset to resume normal operation and its standardized modular components can be easily accessed and replaced when required.