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Floor Systems

DMW offers a variety of floor-mounted conveyors for transport of heavy and large loads. Floor conveyors are a logical and economical substitute for lift trucks in transporting product from point to point, or other programmed movements essential for manufacturing operations. Based on three major concepts of Chain on Edge, Chain on Flat, and Flat Top conveyors, DMW can provide a complete floor conveyor system from load to final line and accommodate all Customer-required manufacturing processes.

Flat Top conveyors can be single-strand or two-strand chain depending on the application. A Flat Top conveyor is installed flush with the Plant's floor. The conveyor tail end, head frame support, drive, and return chain are all in a pit. Flat Top conveyors are used in final assembly lines and water test booths. As an alternate to chain and flat top plate, DMW can also furnish belt type flat top conveyors.

Belt Flat Top Conveyors can be provided as single lane or dual lane configurations. These conveyors can be several hundred feet in length. The belts are approximately ½" thick and are made of rubber with embedded steel cables. The steel cables add strength to the belt and reduce stretch. The underside of the belt has a fibrous material cemented to it in order to reduce the co-efficient of friction, which in turn reduces the horsepower required to power the conveyor. The conveyor slider bed can be either specially treated hardwood, mild steel, or stainless steel. The conveyor belt is returned on steel tube gravity rollers mounted in the fabricated frames of the conveyor. The combination of a conveyor using rubber belting and stainless steel slider beds is ideal for wet applications.

Floor conveyor applications are very common for handling car bodies on skids using standard CC-5 chain and 2-Strand production conveyors. Using special rollers in the CC-5 chain, transport and accumulating 2-strand roller flight conveyors are used to fulfill manufacturing and process requirements. Power roll beds with live chain driven steel or urethane rollers are used for speed-up to accommodate required time cycles.

At the ends of 2-Strand conveyor lines for cross-wise transfers, 2- or 3-Strand Cross Transfer conveyors are used. Based on the production layout, Power Roll Lift Tables are used to transfer empty or loaded skids to Cross-Transfer conveyors or to 2-Strand conveyors. Lift and hold tables are also used with Power Roll Lift Tables, to maintain proper time cycles.

A low profile, motor driven, horizontal turn table with a Power Roll Bed assembly is used when a change in orientation of empty or loaded skid is required. The Turn Table assembly can be rotated and stopped at a pre-set angle.

Belt Floor Conveyors - DMW also offers a wide variety of Belt Style Floor Conveyor Systems. Similar to our chain style floor conveyors, we offer Belt Power Roll Beds, End & Center Pivot Belt Turntables, Belt Vertical Drop Lifters, Belt Cross Transfer Conveyors and Belt Lift & Hold Tables all being driven with the use of electric gearmotors. Our Power Roll Beds are capable of moving a 3,800 lb. (combined pallet and product) at up to 360 FPM on urethane rollers, driven by a direct drive gearmotors and cogged style belts.

Advantages of the Belt Floor Conveyors are the speed at which the pallet can be conveyed and the smooth transition from roll to roll offers a much quieter conveyor system than the traditional chain style conveyors.

DMW floor conveyors - Power Roll Beds, Power Roll Lift Tables, Belt Flat Tops, etc. are all modular built and major components can be shop wired and piped for ease of installation.

Power Roll Bed - General Assembly

Belt Flat Top – Inspection Line

Project Photos

Seat Install

Seat System Pallet Vertical Lift

Seat System Pallets

Skid System Turntable

Skid System - CC5 Cross Transfer w/ Lift Tables

Skid System Turntable

Skid System - CC5 Roller Flight

Belt Flat Top Conveyor

Pedestal Flat Top - Engine Build/Delivery

Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyor - Just In Time Tire/Unload Delivery

Seat Install

Seat Pallet CDLR Conveyor

Seat Install

Seat Pallet CDLR

Safety Pin Lock Out Board