Dearborn Mid-West Company

Installation / Testing

The DMW Installation Group is a highly skilled, professional team with a history of positive accomplishment. The nucleus of this team is a group of 35 Field Superintendents with years of experience in the installation of Automotive & Industrial Conveyor Systems, Construction, Tooling Postal and Unit Material Handling Systems throughout North America. The ability of these Superintendents to manage not only our direct hire personnel but also the various Sub-Contractors that are required to complete a total operating system, is a primary reason for the success of our on time performance. Our workforce is drawn from the skilled worker pool of Building Trades union members.

Labor Relations

DMW enjoys an excellent relationship with the Building Trades Unions that we work with at both the local and international level. We are signatory to several international agreements, including the National Maintenance Agreement (with four International Unions), the Millwright Agreement, and the Millwright Maintenance Agreement. We regularly attend various union conferences in order to stay in touch with the International and Local Union officials. Our approach to labor relations is one of a partnership

Job Site Organization

All projects are managed through the leadership of a Project Manager. Shortly after project kickoff, a Lead Field Superintendent is assigned, reporting directly to the Project Manager for the duration of the project. Assistant Superintendents are assigned as required and report to the Lead Field Superintendent. Additional onsite staff such as Site Safety Engineers, Quality Technicians, and Clerical Assistance may report directly to other managers, but receive their day-to-day direction from the Lead Field Superintendent.

Tools and Equipment

Tool and Equipment resources for installation projects are marshalled through assigned DMW warehouses. The larger construction equipment, such as scissors lifts, boom lifts, fork trucks, and Broderson Cranes are rented as required. DMW has access to all types of heavy installation equipment to meet any job site requirement.

All tools are inspected and certified to be safe and properly maintained prior to being sent to the installation site. These practices mitigate unnecessary delays and inefficiencies at the site. Likewise, all rental equipment is covered by maintenance agreements which ensure that service requirements are met within a two hour window.


All new employees are given an extensive safety orientation prior to work. All supervisors have project specific safety training and all have been certified in 30-hour OSHA Construction Safety. On any job where manpower exceeds 20 Tradesmen or the degree of risk is determined to be high, a site safety engineer is added to the field staff.