Dearborn Mid-West Company

Our Company

Dearborn Mid-West Company, DMW, has provided material handling systems to the Automotive, Industrial, Construction / Tooling and Unit Material Handling markets since 1947. Over the years, the company has evolved from a small fabricating shop into a major material handling system provider, with full service locations in Michigan and New Jersey. DMW has always completed its obligations on schedule and provided its customers with cost-effective solutions to their problems. The execution of these responsibilities has rarely been easy due to the ever expanding project scopes, complexities, and time constraints.

Administration - Taylor, MI

Manufacturing - Taylor, MI

Manufacturing - Detroit, MI

DCC – Southgate, MI

DMW and H – Fairfield, NJ

Shanghai, China

Our DMW Team

DMW meets future challenges by applying new concepts where needed, while building on its solid base of service and reputation. Quality Improvement is both an individual and collective responsibility, requiring individual effort to achieve desired results. Through an environment that thrives on clear and concise communication, data collection, metric analysis and effective resolution to nonconformance issues, DMW is able to recognize and implement strategies for continual improvement and growth. By consistently meeting or exceeding our customers' expectations, we will virtually guarantee repeat business. Our past performance is our strongest marketing tool.

Dearborn, LLC Mission Statement & Core Values


1. The Quality of Being Undivided: Unity
Business Practice
2. The Firm Adherence to a Code of Value: Honesty
3. An unimpaired condition: Soundness


Our People are United, Our Business Practices are Honest,
& Our Products are Sound.