Supervise project managers for all current projects and review and approve all quotes prior to release to the customer. Set up controls to check the effectiveness of teams assigned to projects. Ability to plan and organize work. Select and develop personnel, make decisions, plan, organize, communicate, and follow through. Develop people, maintain morale, work with others, and intelligently delegate. Manage resources to produce desired technical and economic results for the customer and the company.

Reports To:
President or Vice President


  • Must have formal Mechanical / Electrical Engineering and/or Business Degree.
  • Must have one to five years experience in Marketing / Sales.
  • Must have ten to fifteen years experience in Construction Management / Engineering


  • Develop new customers, assure a steady flow of work from the customers and determine the proper work load which can be successfully handled.
  • Technical best-judgment decisions.
  • Communication and direction of engineering, sales, estimating, project management issues, problems, or work load within the group.
  • Communicate ideas, improvements, or problems with other Vice Presidents / Directors / Managers.
  • Ensure customer specifications for all self-performed and sub-contracted work are met and/or exceeded.
  • Uphold agreed-to engineering and sub-contracting company procedures and standards.
  • Assign bidding responsibilities to Project Manager or to the Estimating department, but review and approve all estimates before submitting to the customer.
  • Assign Project Managers work assignments and teams.
  • Assign subcontractors to bid a particular project.
  • Determine in-house engineering capacity versus subcontracting the engineering.
  • Direct Project Managers on fabrication in-house versus subcontracting the fabrication, based on coordination with the DMW Manufacturing Manager.
  • Prepare and/or review all project field orders, follow and monitor all project schedules, track progress of purchase orders from group and release subcontractor purchase orders as well as approve purchase orders issued by project managers, and resolve subcontractor disputes.
  • Review project costs versus dollars quoted in projects with the project manager; including engineering, fabrication and installation.
  • Approve invoicing.
  • Hiring and firing of employees within the group.
  • Mediate employee problems whether within the group or with other areas of DMW.
  • Final pricing responsibility and review of major estimates with the President or Vice President.
  • Establish conservative project cost-to-complete projections.
  • Report all major project non-conformances to the President or Vice President.
  • Participate in the Management Steering Committee.
  • Other duties as assigned.