This position requires the Project Managing of sales, engineering, manufacturing, shipping of after-market spare parts and the providing of services to their assigned DMW Automotive and Industrial Customer accounts.

Reports To:
LCI Director


  • Must possess a Bachelor of Science degree, or, have five years’ Project Management / Sales experience in the material handling, industrial equipment and / or material handling after-market sales.
  • Must possess outstanding public relation skills.
  • Must possess outstanding organization skills.
  • Must be proficient with Microsoft Word, Excel and Access software. Working within an ERP system is beneficial.
  • A strong engineering background is extremely beneficial.
  • Must be agreeable to weekly out of town trips and overnight stays to perform their job functions should out of state customers be delegated to said individual.


The DMW Life Cycle Improvement (LCI) Project Specialist is responsible for, but not limited to, the following items:

  • That all assigned Life Cycle Improvement (LCI) department duties and requirements are performed in strict accordance with the DMW Mission Statement, and DMW and LCI internal Work Instructions, Procedures, and ethical codes of conduct.
  • Prepare and maintain Account Plans, including revenue forecasts, for all assigned customers minimally on an annual basis.
  • Submit a weekly activity report to the LCI Director showing past week’s activities and next week’s planned activities.
  • Travel out-of-town as required to adequately service their customer’s needs.
  • Prepare and maintain RFQ and Job logs for all assigned customers with weekly follow ups with customer updates.
  • Maintain a consistent flow of purchase orders from their assigned LCI customer base.
  • Help their assigned customers identify their material handling needs and suggest pricing, engineering, testing, maintenance and equipment solutions to maintain and repair their conveyance and production system
  • Communicate concerns, job and quotation progress to the LCI Director and Inside Sales Manager at a monthly LCI Sales Meeting.
  • Initiate a written proposal with LCI Inside Sales to the customer outlining pricing, delivery and payment term Gathering of all required documentation and drawings, verifying correctness. All LCI proposals are to be prepared by LCI Inside Sales. When time permits reviewed by the LCI Project Specialist. All LCI proposals are reviewed with the LCI Director and obtain his/her approval.
  • Responsible to start, assist the LCI Inside Sales Manager in maintaining job files on all their LCI jobs. These files are to include, but not be limited to: customer’s Request for Quote (RFQ’s), proposal to customer, Work Orders, Bills of Material (BOM), Purchase Orders, shipping documents, customer Contact Listing, and any other information that pertains to the job. Obtaining of all required documentation and drawings and verifying correctness.
  • Certain specialized proposals that have more complex scopes of work are to be written by the LCI Project Specialist and reviewed with the LCI Director.
  • Insure that their orders are on schedule with engineering, purchasing and fabrication with LCI Inside Sales and DMW and sub-contractor manufacturing.
  • Follow-up LCI Orders with the customer, handling all Requests for Information (RFI’S) concerning shipments and/or complaints and resolve customer’s concerns/needs.
  • Help the LCI Inside Sales Manager prepare a bi-weekly Open Proposal summary report for the LCI Director.
  • Communicate ideas, improvements, and corrective actions with the LCI Director.
  • Adhere to all DMW Work Instructions and Procedure
  • Report all product and procedural non-conformances to the LCI Director.