This position requires the maintenance and development of DMW Automotive/Industrial Customer Life Cycle Improvement accounts by providing engineering, fabrication, health inspection services, maintenance programs, and after-market components. It also requires the recognition and development of business opportunities, while at the same time, successfully managing DMW Life Cycle Improvement department personnel to meet these objectives.

Reports To:


  • Must have a Bachelor of Science degree, or at least 10 years experience as a Material Handling Project Manager, or at least 5 years in after-market Material Handling or Industrial Sales.
  • Preferably have one to five years experience in Marketing.
  • Preferably have ten to fifteen years experience in conveyor design layout and system applications.


The DMW Life Cycle Improvement Director is responsible for, but not limited to, the following items:

  • That all Life Cycle Improvement (LCI) department duties and requirements are performed in strict accordance with the DMW Mission Statement, and DMW and LCI internal Work Instructions, Procedures, and ethical codes of conduct.
  • The maintenance and growth of all current Life Cycle Improvement Customer accounts.
  • Maintaining a consistent flow of work from the Life Cycle Improvement Customer base while balancing the work load which can be handled effectively by the Life Cycle Improvement department.
  • The development, implementation, and adherence of yearly Life Cycle Improvement department business plans and strategies.
  • The development and updating of Life Cycle Improvement department presentations, brochures, line-up cards, product and service catalogs.
  • The monthly reporting of concerns, job and bid progress of the Life Cycle Improvement department at Management Steering Committee (MSC) meetings.
  • Insure that all Life Cycle Improvement jobs are reviewed and tracked at weekly Manufacturing Production Meetings.
  • The assignment of accounts and other work to Project Sales Specialists and LCI Inside Sales personnel.
  • The assignment of bidding responsibilities to either LCI Inside Sales personnel or to the Central Estimating department.
  • The review and sign-off on all bids. For bids over $250,000, the Director of the Life Cycle Improvement department shall review with the DMW President.
  • The maintaining of qualified sub-contractor and fabricator lists for use within the Life Cycle Improvement department.
  • The maintaining of customer contact lists for use within the Life Cycle Improvement department.
  • The coordination of in-house fabrication versus sub-fabrication with the DMW Manufacturing Manager.
  • The coordination of in-house engineering versus sub-contracted engineering with the DMW Central Engineering Manager.
  • The hiring and firing of personnel within the Life Cycle Improvement department.
  • The mediation of employee problems within the Life Cycle Improvement department.
  • The communication of ideas, improvements, and problems with other DMW (MI) Automotive/Industrial Division department heads.
  • Conduct a monthly financial review with Project Sales Specialists on their projects and quotes. Such reviews will entail the review and reconciliation of the Master Sales Log.
  • Review and sign-off on all Purchase Orders issued by the Life Cycle Improvement department.
  • Review and sign-off on all sub-contractor invoicing.
  • Review and sign-off on all Project Sales Specialist Customer Invoicing.
  • The resolution of all sub-fabricator and sub-contractor disputes.
  • Provide monthly non-conformance reports to the DMW Director of Quality.
  • Provide monthly Life Cycle Improvement department Sales Reports to the President outlining Monthly, Yearly, Salesman, and Customer Sales.