Responsible for the management and profitability of assigned projects. Project Team Leader who personally handles commercial matters involving contract, cost, schedule, and oversees technical matters delegated to the Project Engineer.

Reports To:
Vice President, Automotive/Industrial Division


  • 10 years progressive responsibility in Material Handling System Design, Manufacturing, Installation, and Application.
  • Principles and methods of: materials handling, cost accounting, contracts, project management, project engineering, estimating, scheduling, procurement, negotiating, and conveyor design; applicable codes and regulations, basic understanding of related mechanical, electrical, and structural systems
  • Effective oral and written communications; concise report development; current office computer knowledge;


  1. Project Team Leader and focal point for customer relations
  2. Assist in estimating, preparation of proposals, and sales when assigned.
  3. Review customer contract, drawings, and specifications, and DMW proposal at start of job.
  4. Organize and chair internal and customer kickoff meetings, and publish minutes.
  5. Develop detailed schedules for and with engineering, procurement, manufacturing, installation, and subcontractors to ensure coordination and timely project completion.
  6. Create a quality assurance plan, and manage inspection program
  7. Handle all commercial matters affecting contract, cost, or schedule.
  8. Review progress with responsible parties monthly or as often as required to attain schedule
  9. Review and confirm that designs are as proposed by DMW, and satisfy the contract.
  10. Submit monthly progress reports to the customer, including updated schedule.
  11. Monitor and control budget allocations, schedule, and the forecasting of cost deviations.
  12. Process change requests and change notices
  13. Negotiate and write subcontracts, and Purchase Requisitions.
  14. Monitor subcontracts for compliance with schedules, specifications, and terms.
  15. Approve and process ABMs written by Engineer
  16. Coordinate project start up and commissioning for customer acceptance.
  17. Facilitate the required DMW validation documentation.
  18. Confirm customer satisfaction with system performance.
  19. Prepare listing and proposal for the sale of spare parts.
  20. Coordinate customer training
  21. Settle claims and negotiate final contract closeout.
  22. Represent DMW to facilitate warranty issues and promote future business.
  23. Ensure that all work is completed in compliance with DMW quality, safety, and environmental standards, and the DMW work instructions.

Addendums (As Required):


Additional Responsibilities:

  1. Provide training and examples for Project Engineer/Managers
  2. Capacity to accommodate more than one project.


Additional Responsibilities:

  1. To transition back and forth from Project Engineer to Project Manager. This movement allows for small, schedule favorable projects to operate efficiently.
  2. To provide training and examples for Project Engineers