Jeff Homenik
President & CEO

Jeff Homenik serves as President/CEO of Dearborn Mid-West Company, LLC. Mr. Homenik is responsible for the general management of the Automotive, Industrial and Construction Divisions.

Earlier, Mr. Homenik served as Executive Vice President of the Automotive and Industrial Group for 2 years. For the 8 years prior to this, Mr. Homenik was Vice President of the Ford Group after holding other management roles throughout his 39 year tenure with DMW.

Prior to his years at DMW, he held engineering positions with Southern Systems, CEC Products and Planet Corporation.

Mr. Homenik is a graduate of Lawrence Institute of Technology, where he earned an Associates Degree in Mechanical Engineering. He later completed courses in the Business School at the Lawrence Institute of Technology.

Steve Dorchak
Vice President, Automotive Group

Steve Dorchak serves as a Vice President of the Automotive Group at Dearborn Mid-West Company, LLC. Mr. Dorchak is responsible for the Project Management and Project Execution within the Automotive Group.

Prior to taking on this position, Mr. Dorchak served as Project manager and Senior Project Manager in the Automotive Group for 19 years. He has been with Dearborn Mid-West Company for a total of 24 years.

Before joining DMW, Mr. Dorchak held numerous engineering positions from Mechanical Engineer to Project Engineer with Design Systems, Idea Engineering, and CEC Products over a 13 year span.

Ernie Pandolfi
Vice President, Automotive Group

Ernie Pandolfi serves as Vice President of the Automotive Group at Dearborn Mid-West Company, LLC, with 20+ years in the Automotive, Bulk, and Industrial Conveyor, Tooling, and Process Equipment Industries. He is primarily responsible for the FCA Automotive Division.

Previously, Mr. Pandolfi held Project Manager and Estimator roles within the Ford Automotive Group at DMW.

Prior to his years at DMW, Mr. Pandolfi held engineering and project management positions with Automatic Systems, Inc., Bloomfield Technical Services, and Ultimate Manufactured Systems.

Mr. Pandolfi attended the University of Windsor, where he studied Electrical Engineering.