A Project Begins and Ends with a Sound Proposal – (“Engineered and Estimated”)

The project begins and ends with a sound proposal which is engineered and estimated.

Customer Focused Organization – (“Responsibility, Authority, Accountability”)

In a customer focused organization, the question to be asked is “Who is the customer?”  There are internal and external customers to be identified and accommodated.  Through its project management team, DMW is aligned to be customer focused. Customer Involvement – (“Commitment to Everyone’s Success”)

Focus on Complex Areas – (“Check and Re-check”)

The focus needs to be on the most critical areas, such as specialized equipment or automation.   These items require extensive review, verification and final validation.

M.B.W.A. “Management by Walking Around” – (“Know the Crew – Handle the Details”)

The project manager needs to be seen and known by all affected parties: the customer, field installation crews, the project engineering team, procurement and manufacturing.  He/she needs to identify the little problems before they become big ones.

Mitigating Cost of Non-Conformance – (“Impact of Non-Conformance”)

The project team must foster a mind-set that comprehends and strives to mitigate/eliminate the impact and cost of non-conformance.  This is a dynamic process that affects the entire project and DMW’s reputation.

Modular Design and Build – (“Largest Modules Possible”)

Modular design and build are essential in maintaining good quality.  By installing the largest modules possible, field assembly is kept to a minimum with higher efficiencies during equipment validation and launch.

Project Schedules – (“Be Ahead of Schedule”)

The project must be ahead of schedule at all times. With shortened downtimes, if you are just on schedule, that means you are already behind. Early opportunity work is identified and agreed upon with the customer whenever practical.

Qualified Experienced Suppliers – (“Long-term Relationships”)

Having qualified and proven sub-contractors who are committed to project goals, where failure to perform is a non-event, is essential to a successful launch.

Safety Focus – (“Continuous Education and Reinforcement”)

Successful projects demand a safety-first mind-set and a preventive approach to minimizing/eliminating risk.  Unsafe work conditions and job practices are inefficient, costly to our people, their families, the company, and our customers and therefore totally unacceptable and non-negotiable.