Safety Overview

Safety: 100% Commitment without Compromise:

Current (2019-20) Experience Modification Rate (EMR): 0.69

Dearborn Mid-West Company continues to take a zero incident approach to accidents, injuries, illnesses and near misses. We identify worksite hazards in advance and either eliminate the hazard or provide sound engineering controls that effectively mitigate the “risk” of bad things happening.  Our employees are fully trained to work within the expected parameters.  Training occurs in advance of all work assignments, including a detailed pre-shift review with full employee engagement. Topical training also occurs throughout the duration of a project. It is DMW’s objective to drive safe work behaviors and maintain a safe work environment.  Our site superintendents lead through example.  DMW is committed to the fact that a safe work site is also a productive and profitable work site.  That is our culture.

Unsafe working conditions and job practices are inefficient, costly to the workers, their families, the company and our customers. In a nutshell, they are totally unacceptable. Safety awareness starts at the top of the organization through the direction of  Jeff Brinker, DMW President and CEO. DMW will not tolerate unsafe working conditions or unsafe work behaviors and promotes a “safety first” mindset among all affected personnel.  Our commitment to Safety is validated statistically:


DMW looks no further than Merriam-Webster in defining quality.  Quality is a condition, trait or characteristic.  So, we frequently assess our “condition” and refer to our Quality Management System as “condition management”.  Our Condition Management is governed by our Company Mission/Quality Policy, which is “to provide our Customers with people, business practices, and products of the highest integrity.”  We achieve this by regulating and directing all resources and activities necessary to bring about the successful completion of a Project that not only meets but exceeds the Customer’s requirements and DMW’s quality, technical and financial goals.

DMW’s performance is frequently measured through clearly defined goals, organizational data and mechanisms for feedback which drives continuous improvement.  DMW’s system of metrics include;

  • Guaranteed on time system/project startup, achieving first time throughput capability
  • No non-conformances in our conveyor systems due to our direct design or workmanship, under intended operating conditions, until the system has run at least 24,000 hours
  • Continuous reduction in annual warranty costs
  • Continuous training and education of our people in all areas of the organization
  • Continuous improvement of our safety performance (i.e. safety stats and EMR)
  • Providing evidence of financial stability and performance against objectives
  • Promoting Minority supplier participation among our vendors

Our metrics are firmly backed by data.  It is this data that allows our management team to correctly assess the processes and events that impact these expectations. It is the fundamental goal of our quality management system, to eliminate non-value added work (i.e. time delays, waste streams, and nonconformance’s that interfere with project deliverables.